Hydrogen investment

Hi guys,

Im looking for a new investment, so i thought hydrogen, we all know , plug power,ballard etc. But does someone have any ideas or suggestions for a nice long term in hydrogen?


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PlugPower had some financial and management issues, so it dropped from 47 to 33. Any idea what the current status is?

Thats correct. This is a high volatile stock of which you have to be very patient… I am now down many tendies but this is a long term hold. I am also interested in Hyzon motors (dutch factory in groningen) but this is a SPAC so not available on bux.

Ik adviseer je deel te nemen aan het fb forum van Plug Power inc shareholders voor alle inns en outs. Ook op de website van PP vind je een interview met Andy Marsh die praat over de boekhoudkundige fouten die gelukkig niet ernstig zijn en al zeker geen fraude.

To be frank, I’d steer clear of speculative stock such a Plug Power, FuelCell, Bloom Energy and Nikola. Of course, the green hydrogen revolution sounds amazing and I for one sincerely believe in its opportunities. However, the majority of hydrogen produced today is grey or blue hydrogen which is, you’re probably not gonna guess this, extracted from or produced with methane or natural gas. Moreover, the stocks mentioned above have yet to earn a profit, despite some of those companies already being active on the market for years. Best example is probably Plug Power, which has survived for so long largely due to financial support from the government and not due to its relatively meaningless portfolio of clients. My recommendation would be to invest in companies like Shell, BP and Total, who are all investing in the hydrogen revolution. The difference between those companies and the earlier mentioned speculative companies, is that the before mentioned supermajors have far deeper pockets and a vast, well-developed network and supply chain. I am 100% convinced that the supermajors will outcompete the earlier mentioned companies.

Also, if hydrogen trucks are your thing and you’re considering Nikola, my recommendation is: keep looking. Go for Paccar or Traton. Both companies own several well-established truck brands and they are both committed to produce more hydrogen trucks and E-trucks. Nikola will lose that race and battle, and those who invested last will risk becoming the bag holders.

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Het gaat dus niet om plug power, echter een breeder vlak. Plug power is na mijn mening teveel geluk zoekers en weinig LT investeerders.

Thnx for your complete review! It realy helps me!

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In February, there was a L&G ETF started on hydrogen and I saw that VanEck started one last week. You can request it through the buxzero app, hopefully they will add it to the available ETF’s.

I haven’t looked at it in detail yet

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