Hydrogen (waterstof)

Good afternoon!

My feeling is that in the (near) future hydrogen will be a good alternative fuel / energy source. For now it has to be developed a bit more to increase the energy output against the input needed.

But I think the development will go fast in the next years. And therefore I believe there will be growth for this branche in the next years.

I found already a savingsplan put together by Bux on this topic. But I was wondering which other companies (stocks or ETF’s) are interesting on this one. Already found a stock from Nikola, a car builder who also developes hydrogen powered cars. So I added this to the original savingsplan.

Anyone who has good advise on other interesting companies with a vision for hydrogen?

Many thanks!

Maybe you’ve already looked at Hydrogen fuel cell companies? Stellantis and Ballard are examples, I believe. Mind you, these might already be included in thematic ETFs.

Thanks for your reply! Ballard I was aware of, it’s also in the standard savingsplan. Stellantis was new for me, so added this one to my portfolio!

Obviously shell, they are already tinkering with hydrogen and have loads of cash. Engie is a major play. I would reconsider Nikola, their is a swindle of fraud around the company

Many thanks for your reply! Shell I had already added. Engie is a good one indeed!

I’ll look into Nikola and consider to remove this from my portfolio.

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