I need your help! Promo ideas 💡

Hey everyone :wave:

I am Sulhie and I work at BUX in CRM Marketing; nice to meet you all! :confetti_ball:I am 26 and originally from Bulgaria but have been living in Amsterdam for the last 2.5 yrs :bike:. I recently joined BUX and part of my role is setting up those lovely monthly promos where you can get specific shares for free by referring friends.

Your suggestions are really important for us at BUX. So we would like to hear some of your ideas on what promos you would like to see from us in the future! Drop your ideas below and you may eventually see your idea come to life.


Hey Sulhie!! A big welcome on our community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we are really happy to have you here… guys trust me, this girl is a rock!!! :muscle:


Within 24 hours i shall present my ideas to you



Perhaps a promo could also be for people sticking with the platform instead of just inviting friends. I have enough friends that are into investing but they are not giving BUX much attention since it’s new and quite different from the “respectable” brokers.

Giving away a free share monthly in a raffle under existing users would also be a very good promo. Word of mouth an all.
It’s the gesture that counts, it doesn’t need to be Amazon or Google.


Would really like to see a crypto promotion! :grin:

Maybe some love for the Bux token? :see_no_evil: Something similar to the fractional shares promotion you did a few months ago.

If you buy X amount of tokens you get qualified for the raffle, and winner gets a random crypto coin like Ethereum or something like that.


Yes agree with above considering the expected update of the bux token utility. Some kind of crypto promotion in connection with the utility plan would be great. Maybe an internal discussion with @SebastiaanLichter and @Krypto-Kai would help.


Let’s work together!


I too would like to see more crypto related promotions. Free BUX Tokens for introducing new users would be a good start :rocket:


@Sulhie is still waiting for your guys BUX promo ideas @Cobalt & @Cornel :eyes: :rocket:


A roadmap and a utility plan release


Shit shit shit. Sorry! I was working on a draft but you guys might understand how life/work can happen. I will post it a.s.a.p.


There we go!
First of all thank you for including the community, that is what we are for!

For the second first of all the standard answers these days:

  • BUX token PR
  • Roadmap 2022 for crypto
  • Utlities within crypto.

We really like that but @Krypto-Kai mentioned they aim for next week in regards to the blogpost. We are awaiting it with curiosity.

Now for the serious ones, with on a note. If you need help, i am in Amsterdam three days a week and i am able to hop by once in a while until July.

  • Step one: You need to have a name for the BUX’ers. Such as Coneheads or Coners.

This is to give people the idea to be able to identify themselves as a part of the community. Recognition creates trust and therefore a connection. Which leads to enthousiasm and loyal customers.

Step two: USE THE COMMUNITY! Which is what you are doing now but we are here for a reason. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

These days companies use rollmodels. You can can use the community, so not one person but an entire group. Maybe someone can be highlighted, such as myself since i already kinda have a go on a paid partnerschip on Instagram :camera_flash:.

So don’t say: “be like this guy” but instead “become a part of”.

Also, and this is more then an advice, do not spend money on the nowadays influencers to represent the BUX company/community.

A californian babe b*tch does not qualify as a symbol for investing… :fairy::fairy:

More like an ordinary guy having a beer with his family, or a woman (lets get more girlpower in here) going to a spa or riding a dirtbike. Or simply spending quality time with family.
Don’t use examples like grand and big boats or being the new bill gates but make goals more reachable and possible. Like uncle bob wants to take his nephews to Max Verstappen (serious and fun idea using him).

Back to one of the first paragraphs, the conehead idea. Use this within PR and make a symbol regarding BUX. Like something that can be linked like:

Orange and The Netherlands
Verstappen and Formula 1
NS and vertraging. :steam_locomotive:

Like things that are known to be part of it.

So maybe
BUX and Henk
Coneheads and BUX

Last but not least, use humor within PR. We need more relaxed and laid back content instead of “be able to buy this…”.

But more like a dave being able to buy a coffee or have a BBQ where the neighbourhood can watch football. Humor is universal and understood across the entire world.

The final tip i want to give summarizing all of the above:

Try to stand out so you can be unique yet recognised.


Totally agreed with @Cobalt !

Use us as “influence” how weird it sounds . The community of bux is the " mond tot mond reclame" of your business! :call_me_hand:

Maybe as a suggestion for new people is like the big commercials on tv like Max Verstappen, dutch national team and other stuff! :yum:

We as a community can make you guys bigger and bigger if we have the right tools! So let’s make some commercial spots or otherwise give us an idea, that we as an community can make it possible for you and the NEW members to reach the goals that we all want! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Be more active on socials!

WE CAN MAKE BUX GREAT :success_png: :success_png:


Just a quick reply to @Cobalt regarding the coneheads idea.
We have already our identity within the $BUX crypto/ telegram community, which is we are Buxish on $BUX
We don’t need to invent the wheels again. But if you can defend your idea, good. How can you connects coneheads to $BUX?
I agree, that is is pointless to spend money on so called influencers. Although it would be reasonable to spend money to sponsor Verstappen. Why not?
Crypto.com already sponsors PSG and also Fifa 2022… Official sponsors. So this is the least what Bux could do.


Hi @SpiritualCrypto, I think they can’t afford to spend money on Max Verstappen or on fifa? Why crypto.com is worldwide and bux isn’t :sweat_smile:

My opinion is that they really should invest in more commercials:

Think of Eredivisie games
Europe league + champion league games, so that the European countries were bux already is introduced,and if they are interested they will search that on the internet! :fire::fire::fire:


The idea was not just mine but i have daily contact with some guys through telegram, whatsapp and gaming. The idea was created after the last commercial aired by BUX. In which the featured people wore cones on their heads. It would give the option to go further on the already showed images.

I agree to sports sponsorships, either with fifa or f1 or whatever just to make them seen by outsiders. Imagine a soccer game for the champions league and seeing BUX on the banners. Would be awesome :slight_smile:


Yes THAT IS THE SPIRIT :fire::fire:


Use Twitter.
Share company stories and updates.

Let the community feel like beeing part of the company, involved.


Thank you all for your ideas for our promos and marketing/advertising in general! Some great input here :tada: