Improvements to the BUX forum

In this thread, everyone can share ideas and feedback about the BUX forum.

Just like product feedback and suggestions, when you post something, we do not expect you to come up with the solution yet. The most important thing is that we understand what problem you’re trying to solve or what goal you want to achieve.

But of course, you are encouraged to come up with your own ideas for a solution! :cowboy_hat_face:

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color/ CI

Hi Kai,

to fetch the CI of BUX better I would suggest to change the light pink color of the buttons and background of the key announcements.

link color hard to see on background:

No mouseover at the bell to explain what happens when activating the bell:


Hi Kai,

Just found out in the section of ‘users’ that the stats are in the same font color as the background.

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Thanks Chris! I will share it with the team :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

I’ve just changed this. If you reload the page it should be fine! Thanks again :pray:

Hi Kai,

When on mobile (Moto One Vision), the frontpage holds the replies and activity columns outside the screen. When I move the page to the left, they become visible but the top bar keeps it’s original size.

Hey Dort, thanks for the feedback! Could you share a screenshot so I can share that with the team?


why in English?? is it possible to translate it in Dutch? I do not understand it when it is written in English.

Its not that i dont understand it, but i share your opinion that its strange

Hey guys, the forum will be in English because BUX operates in Europe and English is the main spoken language in Europe. We are however looking into ways to translate ENG into any other language of your choice. Will discuss this with the team and come back to you. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Kai, for how many posts there is approval from a moderator needed? Sometimes I want to reply to someone but if it gets approved 24hours later it might not be relevant anymore.

Regarding the English language, maybe you can explain this in the email invite? As the invite was completely in Dutch I can imagine it is a surprise for people signing up that it’s different in the community itself.

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Approval of messages could be faster. Posted my first messages more than 4 hours ago and still awaiting approval.

Also, categorization of topics could be better. I foresee a very unorganized forum once more users will start using it.

And, why not integrate the forum inside the Bux Zero app itself? More user friendly and less clicks/actions are necessary to start interacting on the forum.


Exactly…(20 chars long… really?)