Improvements to the BUX Zero app

This is a topic I was missing for a while now: a place where users can post ideas for improvement for the Bux Zero application.

That being said: let 'er rip! Post your ideas! And if you like ideas posted by other users, ‘like’ their message so it will get noticed by the Bux Team faster.


I would like to see in the app how much dividend is reserved for payout.


Agreed. I’d like to add to that great idea. I’d like to see the dividend record date and expected payment date.


I’d like to see an entire Dividend tab, which would include:

  • Expected Yearly dividend
  • Small calendar when to expect payments
  • Dividend growth history for a ticker
  • Maybe more

I’d like to be able to see pre-market quotes and after-hours quotes as well.


I would like to have a web based variant for on your laptop and also more tooling for data analysis


I would like to have more order options. The current market and limit order are way too basic. It should be possible to place a market order before the market opens, which executes as soon as it opens. Same counts for limit orders, those should be placeable before the market opens as well. I’ve missed several great buying opportunities because of this feature not being available.

Moreover, I would love to see the stoploss and stoplimit order make their introduction to the app.


What would also be amazing is a real-time chat possibility in the app itself. So when I navigate to a specific stock, I want to be able to join in on the discussion and talk with other people who hold a position or who are interested in that particular stock. Think of this like StockTwits, but much better.

The amount of times I’ve seen a stock go up or down and wondered: what the heck is going on here today? And then I did some research and found the answer. I’d like to share what I found with other people and I would also like those people to share their knowledge with me. This functionality would, in my opinion, complete the idea of a true BUX community.


I agree with @Cashcow. A chat so you can join a discussion about the stock. And also I would like to read columns and other interesting documents or short movies/webinars about trading.


I would like Bux C to be combined with the Bux 0 app as to be able to use a single cash source for both stocks and crypto. One app to rule them all would be awesome!


Agreed. Also might be useful to have DRIP options available (dividend reinvestment) if possible.


Thank you for sharing. It seems like a great idea to be able to navigate from a specific stock to a discussion on that same stock. Maybe something like a link from that stock that redirects you to the relevant topic on this Community Forum. (A suggestion that was already mentioned here before, I believe).

Let’s keep these ideas coming! :yum:


I agree that it would be a great experience to have Crypto & Stocks in one app. And this is definitely something we are looking into :+1:


As a dividend investor I’d like to see the following added to the BUX 0 app:

When you open a stock information tab:

  • General dividend information (yearly amount, dividend frequency e.g. quarterly, monthly etc.)
  • Current dividend yield
  • Graph of the historical dividend yield
  • Current Payout ratio
  • Graph of the historical payout ratio

In your portfolio:

  • Dividend calendar with upcoming ex-dividend dates
  • Dividend overview of those that have passed the ex-dividend date and the date they will be paid out to you
  • Simple intuitive filtering on dividend payments or better yet, monthly calculation built in of the dividend paid.

I also would like to be able to set price drop alarms and/or target price alarms.

Have a great weekend


I would like to see a graph of my portfolio over time with money put in, and profit margin.

Also it would be nice to have a total dividend received overview somewhere.


I would like to see my history with a stock when I open it when i don’t have it in my portfolio.

And i still have a bug in my app. When opening a stock and see the graph i can switch between the different timelines. But after a moment it hops back to the day graph by it self. This can be after a split second of sometimes after a couple of seconds.


Same here! It hops back to the day graph within a second.


Two suggestions.

(One that I suggested in another forum discussion here too)

  • Add an (optional) personal notes tab to the stocks in my portfolio
  • Add possibility to group stocks (and give groups a name), personally I would like to group ETF, and divide my stocks into eg. short and long term, or dividend stocks.

One of additions I would like to see is to have like an agenda of upcoming financial results and quarter endings. Currently, we have that in the broadcast, but would be nice to have that in the app as well and we can even enrich this with related news of the company (i.e. when TSMC announced their investment, that it is somewhere visible in the app in a section called related news or similar)