Inflation, tapering and COVID: Growth or value stock?

With inflation rising, tapering around the corner and COVID resurging in many parts of the globe; will you invest in growth or value stocks?

When replying, I would love to hear:

  • why you choose growth, value or perhaps both;
  • what you look for in a stock when investing in such a turbulent market;
  • which specific markets or industries you target;
  • any particular strategies you apply in the process.

Great question. I’m interested in growth especially in technology companies.
Online shopping and businesses like After Pay.

The lockdown has helped boost trust in online shopping. Braking old beliefs that it’s not safe.

Here in Australia the Postal service just announced they’ve hired 4000 extra people due to the rise of online shopping and this Christmas is expected to break records.

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My aim is value stocks, Especially stocks that proved them selfs for years with big profits and a low valuation. I feel more comfortable with value and better trained to search for them.

What I look in a stock in turbulent market is: just make the average profit what they did and get more equity over time. Just grow. IDC about the price atm cause I am here for the long time. My top 5 markets are, Financials, communication consumer materials and industry.

A strategy I use is company comparing, example: Heineken and InBev with each other