Introduce yourself to the community :-)

Hi there,

So… I just received this exciting invitation to join Bux Community and I am curious to get to know other members as it is sometimes hard to find like-minded people within your own network.

My name is Chris, I am a mother of a 2-year old and live in the Netherlands. Just started investing a few months back so still learning loads everyday. I work as a lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and in my free time I enjoy kitesurfing, kickboxing and cooking.

And what about you?


hi there,

My name is robbert jan. i live in the netherlands and i am an nautical engineer.
i started trading with bux just a few months ago, two to be specifically.

i am looking for those nice shares to try to retire a couple years early.

hoping for some nice discussions about different views on the stock market .

nice to meet you all
regards rj


Awesome idea to set this up Chris!

My name is Kai Bennink, I’m 29 years old and founder of Blockport that was acquired by BUX in 2019 and rebranded to BUX Crypto!

Currently I’m Head of Strategy of BUX Crypto and I also lead the setup of the new BUX Community.

I’ve been investing in crypto for about 5 years now and think that Bitcoin is the next step in human history because it provides a better digital version of Gold.

Also, next to crypto and investing, I’m interested in space exploration, longevity, health, nutrition, snowboarding, wakeboarding and calisthenics! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to reading more introductions.


Hoi. Met veel plezier werkzaam als docent/instructeur rijvaardigheid in de regio groot-Amsterdam.

Sinds een paar maanden gebruik ik Bux zero vooral als afleiding. Zodat mijn andere zaken in alle rust kunnen bloeien. Naïef als ik ben denk ik natuurlijk dat ik de markt kan verslaan. *keep dreaming

Als belegger grasduin ik mijn info links en rechts en kijk veel naar de tijdlijnen. In mijn visie is veel kennis echter niet altijd wijsheid.
Beleg vooral op kromme kwinkslagen, met een toefje gevoel en intuïtie. Zie wel waar het me brengt. Tot nu toe iig veel fun, en leuk om jullie te lezen.



My name is Nicole. I’m Dutch, but live in Italy since a few weeks. I’m 54, mother of 2 children and married to an Italian. I have been investing for about 15 years and have gone on early retirement now (sort of).

I want to spend the coming years discovering new challenges in life in a new country, which I adore for the views, the food an the gentle people. My main challenge now is to learn Italian.

Bux is my playground for investing in shares, because it is easy accessible and low cost. I use it to decide when to invest where, but doing that my investments in Bux are growing.



Hi @rjvdwaal Robbert-Jan, nice to hear from you! I can’t imagine myself retiring early haha, but I do think about some part-time retirement plans, for example working 6 months and travelling for 6 months and so on. Gaining a passive income to be able to do that would be great.

@BUX exciting job you have, leader of the pack :wink: I can’t really wrap my head around crypto (yet) so curious to learn more about it in the upcoming months, through this community you are building.


Hi my name is Guido, 29 years old living in the Netherlands and I am a software developer.
Started trading about 3-4 months ago. Hoping to meet my goals for the year and maybe get some of those nice shares that make me (and my spouse who is also investing with Bux Zero) retire a few years earlier than planned.


Hi everyone,

Nice idea Chris!

My name is Dèmi, I’m 26 years old and I’m the PR Specialist at BUX! You might have seen me post the bi-weekly BUX Newsflash - I’ll make sure you are also in the loop of what we’re working on at the moment.

If I’m not monitoring the news around neo brokerage, fintechs and investing - you can catch me sharing the latest BUX news with journalists and setting up cool collaborations.

In my own time, you can (normally) find me in the gym, checking out the newest Italian restaurant in Amsterdam or being on the hunt for a vintage/antique interior gem.


Thank you for inviting me! Appreciated
Edit: emoji for the Badge :slight_smile:


Hey ik ben Just, ik ben 19 jaar en investeer nu al een jaar (vanaf mijn 18e verjaardag) met bux zero. Ik gebruikt daarvoor het funbux platform van bux x en heb daarmee wat trucjes geleerd die ik gebruik op bux zero. Ik ben in het dagelijks leven student op avans en gebruik bux vandaar als een soort van spaarpot met (soms) goede rendementen.


My name is Alexander
Im CEO of a small health care organization and started on the Stock market since jan 2021.

I live in Helmond, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands
Age 33.
My wife is also a user of Bux.

I invest for dividend on Bux
My other investments are the US meme stocks.
I gamble on other broker for this.

Bux for me helps me to invest and look away from it as it’s save and really easy for me. It fits me like my shoe :smiley:

That said, back to the green and red lines for me :blush:


Hi all – I am Jimi, 28 years old male and have been working for BUX since early 2018. Currently I’m in Operations for BUX Zero. I am passionate for financial wizardry which basically means I am into anything trade finance related (yes, that includes blockchain as well). As my job requires from me, I have a lot of knowledge about the financial markets industry. I enjoy writing and explaining, so don’t ever hesitate to ask me any trade finance related questions you may have.


Hi I am Diederik,

Really think this is a great idea. Love to be able to have a place where us users can put feature requests.

I have been using bux 1 year. I think it is pretty sweet. Up to now I am in the plus which is sweet as well.

Keep up the good work team awesome!

Greetings from Rotterdam!



My name is Maikel, I live in the Netherlands and I’m 23 years young. I work in the ICT sector.

I like the bux zero app because the design looks good and is user friendly.


Hi, i am Rémon, 27 years old living in Noord-Brabant Netherlands. I started investing in stocks over a year ago and in crypto since 2016 (only small amount but nice return…). Have a background in business administration and in management. Regarding stocks; i am especially focused on long term technological company stocks and crypto. Trying to regulary investing a small part of my income in stocks. Especially in these times where I “buy the dip” :wink: Curious about your investing strategies!


Hi Robert,

Ik volg een vergelijkbare strategie.
Een voorbeeld; ik las een dag of twee geleden dat Audi ook stopt met het ontwikkelen van diesel en benzine motoren. Ik heb dus gauw wat geïnvesteerd in een bedrijf die innoverende dingen doet op het gebied van elektrische laadpalen :grin::innocent:


Hallo ik ben Jan 55 jaar en net een maand geleden begonnen met Bux zero.


Hi all,

My name is Ron and i live in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands.
Been using Bux for a year now, really interesting.
Great idea for opening this forum.

Meteen een vraagje: Stel dat jullie aandelen willen beleggen, hoeveel aandelen koop je dan per keer?
Bij mij fluctueert dat nogal, maar ik probeer wel altijd op een vast bedrag per bedrijf uit te komen.
Hoe pakken jullie dit aan?

Met vriendelijke groet,



hoi, ik ben lars, 29 jaar en woon in Noord-Brabant.
leuk om in deze community te zijn uitgenodigd. hoop nog meer te leren van beleggen.
ben pas in november begonnen met beleggen. ik hoorde er genoeg van op tv en reclame dus ben ik het gaan proberen met Bux zero. ben het in een paar maanden zo interessant gaan vinden dat ik op youtube video’s ben gaan kijken, grafieken ben gaan volgen en bedrijven gaan onderzoeken.
ben vooral een lange termijn beleggen en een dividend belegger.
swingtrade en daytrade is nog steeds wat te hoog gegrepen ( te weinig kennis, wie weet dat ook nog komt, ooit :wink: ) wil maandelijks gaan inleggen, dus voor nu is mijn portofolio nog steeds niet zo groot.




Hello :wave:

I am Sander 24 Years old and from Zeeland.
Currently still studying to be a process operator.
Started with investing a few years ago and still learning as we go.

I am a long-term investor.