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How long do you guys think the cryptomarket recovers after stupid Elon Musk and stupid China?

I don’t think crypto is coming back… the economy is rolling again and I don’t people will put extra cash in crypto and just put their money in the normal economy… I also think that it is proven that btc and ethereum are big bubbles and not a store of value, it is to random and I think that if it doesn’t raise soon that the crypto will crash… it had been a nice hype for some people but the real money is in stocks IMO, actual value and also part of the normal economy instead of hyped crypto

I agree that many cryptocurrencies have been hyped lately and the rise of many worthless shitcoins has given the crypto space a bad image. But I do think the concept of Blockchain is going to be a big deal in the future and traditional banks will either have to join it or disappear.
At the moment, these banks still have a lot of power in society and feel threatened by the rise of a decentralised financial system, so they are doing everything they can to topple it and give it as much negative press as possible.
But I believe the evolution towards a decentralised economy based on Blockchain technology is the logical next step for humanity, especially since the world is getting more and more connected, people are traveling and trading internationally and fiat currencies are getting manipulated by governments to the point that the “average guy/girl” see their savings melt before their eyes.
The only reason I can think of why crypto won’t be implemented into society is if governments completely forbid it and turn the crypto pioneers into outlaws. This is not an unthinkable scenario unfortunately, since power over the economy means power over the people. By legalising Bitcoin as a currency, governments are basically surrendering all control over the financial system and that simply won’t be in their best interest…