Introduction to Open Chat

Grab a coffee and have a seat! This is the right category when you need a little break from our BUX educational content or want to talk about some things that are not related to investing.

This is an Open Chat which means that you don’t have to back up your posts with a lot of arguments and that you just can have a nice conversation with someone from our community.

If you have a nice off-topic you want to talk about, feel free to introduce it as a new topic within the Open Chat category.

Regarding this category, please follow the following guidelines:

:cowboy_hat_face: Keep it civil. Do not personally attack anyone. Users who start fights or vendettas will be removed.
:pray:t4: Be kind and constructive in how you approach other users.
:no_good_man:t4: Do not promote your, or other businesses (no referral links or other promotional offerings, please).
:no_entry_sign: Don’t post any harmful content.

BUX really supports talking about other topics that are not related to investing.

So, you just finished drinking your coffee? Grab another one and enjoy our Open Chat! :grin: