Introduction to Product Feedback

Since we started with BUX in 2013, we’ve always listened to our loyal users and community members to improve our apps. However, now we want to take it to the next level!

In this Product Feedback category of the BUX Forum, everyone can create their own post about a feature improvement or completely new idea. Also, other community members can vote on the new request, by simply replying with +1.

When you post something, we do not expect you to come up with any solutions yet. Although it would be nice! The most important thing is that everyone can understand what problem you’re trying to solve.

This way, everyone including our product teams can see what features or suggestions are highly requested by the community. This does not mean that everything will be put on our roadmap automatically, but our teams will use it to make better product decisions. We’ll use these votes, along with other considerations, to help decide which solutions we should work on.

If our support team hears new product suggestions, these will also be added by us, to make sure everyone’s voice is heard

Let us know what you think of this setup, all feedback is welcome!



This will just be a question/suggestion and i would lovee it if other users react and share their thoughts!
i once suggested this on the Youtube channel from Stevan, he liked it but i am curious about what the users think!

i was thinking if it would come in handy to have a feature while searching which is based on how long a company has been active on the market. To see which are new and which are not?

My way of thinking is as followed:

  1. i am curious to see how new and younger companies are handeling themselves in the market, just to see and learn from what it does (get more/get less in value) and also to find out when these evens occur. Not to predict the market (nearly impossible) but to learn from it!

  2. I think some people would be interested in investing in the new ones.

How it would look like:
Active since - 0-6 months
Active since - 6-12 months
Active since - 1 -2 years
Active since - 2-5 years
Active since - 5 - 10 years.

Please share your thoughts and make this open to discussion!


I’m missing a category for REITS or dividend stocks. If I search on REIT I am not getting al the REITS that are avalaible.

Can you give me some advice about chirchill corparation iv ?

I would like to see a couple of things happen in bux:

  1. I would like a corporate actions page in the app. For example you would see how much dividend you are goining to get on this page but also if a holding you have is going to have a ipo.

  2. I would like to have the option to choose my dividend if the holding is given you a choice between stock and cash.

  3. I would like to so more Etfs added to the app.

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I want to request to make your own etf. Create an usp besides 0 orders. Especially when fractional investment comes. So you by for expample 10 different shares and make an etf for growth. Than you only see your name of the etf and the average percentage it’s moving that day. Then you can click on it and it expands to show the individual stocks.

This would be awesome! Please do this



I really think an alert function would be great for the app and the community. I’m not aware that there currently is any.

I’d like to be able to bookmark or tag companies and set a price alert for buy/sell. Also, another feature that’d be great is screening and at-a-glance ‘snowflake’ analysis. Just like Simply Wallstreet does it.

You could charge a small fee if needed (it’s free on simply wallstreet for 5 stocks).

That’s all for now.



Hi @TheBigBlackGuy, there’s a big chance we will add price alerts to the BUX Zero app. I don’t have the exact date yet but I will let you know when I have more info :smiley:

Adding a snowflake option would be pretty cool! It’s not on our roadmap, but might be something we can add in the future!

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Alerts will already be of great help, but looking forward to both​:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: