Introduction to Stocks & ETFs Discussion

If you want to learn how to become a better trader or investor, you’ve come to the right place!

However, before you start making trades and investments based on everything you’ve read in this category, we highly recommend you do your own research. Because in general, it’s not a good idea to blindly follow the advice of people on the internet. :nerd_face:

When you post or comment on something in this category, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Try to describe your thoughts in a clear and concise way.

  2. Always publish content that is your own.

  3. Try to balance your arguments in such a way that it sheds light on both sides of the story.

  4. Do not blindly follow people’s advice, do your own research.

  5. Do not recommend others to buy or sell investments (it’s okay to share what you’ve invested in yourself).

  6. Do not share non-public or confidential information that might impact the price of an investment.

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All views that are shared on this forum are those of community members and do not reflect the views of BUX. None of this investment advice and please always do your own research before you make investment decisions. When you invest, your capital is at risk, so the value of your portfolio may go down as a result of market volatilities.