Introduction to Stocks & ETFs Requests

We are aware of the fact that we haven’t all of the possible stocks and ETFs available in our app yet. We are working really hard on adding more and more stocks and ETFs to BUX Zero! To meet your needs we would love to hear stocks and ETFs suggestions that we can eventually add to BUX Zero :grinning:

Regarding this category, please follow the following guidelines to make it easier for us to check if we can add your requests to BUX Zero.

  • Please describe the name of the stocks and/or ETFs
  • Add the ticker symbol
  • Add ISIN
  • Describe stock exchange

Here’s is a template you can use:
Stock Exchange:

Feel free to make any stocks/ETFs request you want to make. We are trying to keep you posted with updates regarding your requests. Also, feel free to tag me or frequent BUX Community members If you haven’t heard back from us! Our aim is to answer everyone :pray:t4:

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Hi @Fergus . May we ask that Bux themselves include the ticker on the ETF overview page maybe, and not just the ETF name? This would be very helpful to most of us I think. :innocent:


Hi @yohhst very soon! :smiley: I don’t have the exact date but we are working on some app improvements, so stay tuned :sunglasses: