Irish financial content creator Dan Malone was at our office! 🤩

A couple of days ago we had a special guest from Ireland stopping by our headquarters to shoot some educational content for BUX Zero. His name is Dan Malone and he made a very cool vlog of his trip to Amsterdam as well.

I would say, go check it out. You will also see some nice shots of our BUX HQ :eyes: :clapper:

Enjoy and don’t forget to show Dan some love :brown_heart:


Awesome video!


You know, many companies would have one English speaker and have them make the content for all English speaking countries, but BUX is willing to go the extra step and hire an Irish person for the Irish market. I think it’s great, because it’ll help people all over the world feel more at home when finding out about BUX and interacting with its community.


Are you adding any specific Irish shares ?

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Not on our planning for now, but we will be adding new ETFs and shares soon! :slight_smile: