Is it possible not to make changes and performing maintenance during trade hours?!


I receive the message that bux is not available due to maintenance… seems to me that bux should allow their users to be able to make trades at all times and that bux must wait with maintenance activities untill the stock market is closed. Can this be fixed and kept in mind next time?



Wat een grap is dit zeg… hoe kan je nou als bux zijnde onderhoud plegen tussen de uren dat de markten open zijn. Dit wordt al jaren aangegeven op het forum en zij leren er niets van. Onderhoud plegen kan je toch het beste doen om 22:01 nadat de Amerikaanse beurs dicht is? Nu kan ik al vanaf 17:15 niet meer in Bux komen, bedankt…

Sorry Bux, ik ben gefrustreerd, maar kom op zeg dit moet beter kunnen.


No warning, no explanation, great…


En dan willen zij nog dat wij gaan betalen ook, zij mogen ons wel gaan betalen voor deze ongein.

Van 17:15 tot 21:54 niet kunnen handelen… (en het is nog niet afgelopen)

Wat een teleurstelling

00 niet meer kunnen handelen.


Dit is echt raar voor de sluiting van de AEX 17:20 werkt bij mij Bux niet meer. Dit is echt wel spannend nu er zoveel commotie is over de betrouwbaarheid van dit platform.


Bux, FFS, a five hour long outage of the app due to maintenance during trading hours, without prior warning, and this at a time when so many of your customers are already dissatisfied. Was this really the best idea?

I mean even with the whole introduction of the monthly fee etc I was going to stick with Bux for the time being. But come on, stop giving me more and more reasons to reconsider that decision… :man_facepalming:t2:


Same here, I’m considering the ABN.


Naar niet elk onderhoud is gepland, t kan zijn dat er plots is stuk is gegaan aan de infrastructuur van bux en dat ze de boel wel even moeten stilleggen tijdens markturen om de boel te fixen. maar vreemd is het wel.

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A quality service, well worth the 2.99 € per month, but seriously, is it a sketch, an April fool?

How to justify these fees when you can’t even access your wallet 24 hours a day, what amateurism: no warning, no news…

I’ve never seen so much unavailability on other borkers


Maybe zero downtime during trading Horus will be a perk of the 2,99 monthly fee zoon

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Hi all. The app is back up and running but yes it was down for quite a bit longer than we had initially expected due to the complexity of the issue. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience and that you did not have access to your portfolio during this time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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After logging in I’ve found a lingering sell order from yesterday that currently blocking further sell actions. It was set to expire yesterday at market close but never did. I’m unable to cancel it, even though 0/X shares are fulfilled. Seems like the Limit Sell is poorly implemented since this platform outage is able to carry over to a seemingly unrelated feature. Still waiting for full access here.

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We are investigating this issue with high priority, indeed it seems like it could be related to the downtime yesterday.

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Thanks for your message and i understand that the down time took longer than expected and it was related to an issue. This can always happen but in my opinion communication is key in these situations. so maybe an idea to add some kind of ‘issue report’ overview on the website (and within this forum) so people know what is going on and how long it is expected to last. This could take away some frustration…thanks for fixing this


Service unavailable again… I suppose you will offer compensation?

For how long will you deny us access to our funds?

Is it so complicated to inform these customers? No news, no twitter, nothing.


Exactly, like Apple services status.

The lingering limit order issue is still not solved! Will Bux compemsate for not being able to access MY stocks?

When can we expect the pending Limit Sell orders already expired since 28-2 to be cleaned up? I was given word this would be resolved yesterday evening, but nothing is happening. Still blocked from selling assets!

Who is saying i understand this. No communication is scandalous!!!

I have the same problem. Limit orders are not cancelled at the end of the day and cannot be cancelled manually.
This means I cannot trade in these positions and already lost money because of this.