Klanten BUX

My compliments to the entire BUX team. By purchasing via a zero order and possibly a fractional purchase in a share, investing is now accessible to everyone. My 18-year-old son has now been able to buy his first shares. Now our question is how many customers BUX had 2 years ago and how many this year. I think this is important because due to the fall of the BUX token in recent weeks, we want to buy BUX tokens.
We thank you.


Last time I heard (which was around 1 month ago) Bux Zero had 700k Userbase. Which Is quite impressive, seeing as the Bux zero only has been around since end of 2019 from my knowledge).

As for the Bux token, I highly recommend you also check out the utility before making any decisions! It shows what their plans for the coming year with the Token are. Also keep in mind that it is more logical for BUX to not promote the token as much until those utility’s are in place, so you are still very early.

Do always keep in mind that crypto is quite volatile, And that it also is very much correlated to the Bitcoin price. If you compare Bux to the price of Bitcoin itself (Bux/Sats), you can see that it actually has kept it really well. (again in comparison to BTC, not dollars/euro of course)


I checked the news archive:

July 2020: 300,000 users

April 2021: “over 500,000 users”