KPN stock takeover

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Recent news, KPN Stock will be taken over by EQT and Stonepeak…
Referring to BUX podcast #8 When should you sell these stocks?

Wait After te company is taken over?
Wait long time after take over?
Now Before the takeover?

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I’d say just wait, why sell in the first place?
If it gets taken over, they will have to pay you for your shares and that price is likely higher then the price KPN is trading at now.

When it’s taken over, you might get shares in the parent company instead which might also be good. Just wait for more news before making a more informed decision, there is absolutely no reason to panic sell at the moment.


Agreed with JPeters. Whenever there is certain interest in the company you own shares of, just let it play out.

Adding to this: taking over KPN isn’t as easy it sounds. Several parties have already tried it. Here’s an article (in Dutch) about that.