Kulicke & Soffa Industries Earnings

Hi everyone,

This post is for Kulicke & Soffa Industries shareholders. KLIC posted earnings on 18 November. In my opinion it was an excellent report given the current supply chain chaos, power outages in China and Covid.


  • Grew revenue 173% YoY and 14% QoQ
  • Grew Net income 746% YoY and 17,5% QoQ

Both beat analyst expectations. Forward outlook is also higher than analyst expectations.

Interested in the full earnings report and highlights of the earnings call? Check out my video: Why I Just Made KLIC My BIGGEST Holding?! | Kulicke & Soffa Industries Analysis - YouTube


Great result indeed, I own 90 shares. It wasn’t a very good day in the US but Kulicke and Soffa did do well :sunglasses:. I’ll watch your video later tonight.


Awesome thank you! I’m currently holding 37 shares😁