Lack of liquidity for the BUX Token

I’ve heard from multiple users that there is a lack of liquidity for the BUX Token, and that buys larger than 500 tokens seem to be failing because of it.

Considering the fact that users get utility if they own 1000 tokens and that a 1000 token purchase is currently not possible at once, I think it greatly diminishes the utility of the token and the user experience of the platform.

I was wondering what the cause is for this lack of liquidity, and if there are plans for resolving this issue. Would appreciate someone from BUX clearing this up for us.


Very good point! Some suggested solutions, one to improve the liquidity, two to give the customer more influence and knowledge about liquidity and slippage. And one known long term solution.

1 Improve liquidity by adding BTC Bux in the backend!

The Bux EUR pair is now connected to see Bux USDT pair on Kucoin. Bux and the liquidity provider could connect the Bux-BTC pair from Kucoin to Bux EUR in the BACKEND as well, and let the liquidity provider buy the best average combination from both pairs!

This is also very beneficial for the price and spread/slippage. The volume on the btc pair is high and sometimes has large btc limit orders blocking the low liquidity on the usdt pair. It is then not possible to buy more than 500 Bux coins sometimes, while if the btc pair was added you could have bought 20000 Bux in the example of yesterday (discussed in the telegram group). As there is already a EUR BTC pair, it should not be very difficult for the liquidity provider to add the BTC Bux pair, to buy Bux via BTC with EUR. Please consider! @YorickBUX

Improving liquidity is getting the basics right, and that’s what they’re working on these months right? Improving quality of the existing platform :slight_smile:

2 Add a slippage warning

If there is slippage that is blocking larger buys, the warning should mention the temporary/current low liquidity reason and suggest to try lower buys.

3 Options to accept slippage!

Ideally the app would give you options:
You can buy now max:
700 of share/crypto for 0,142 euro
2000 *** for 0,149 euro
18000 *** for 0,161

4 Of course in the long term limit orders on the Zero app would also solve slippage and partly the liquidity.

The combination of them all would be best if course!


Bux is working on more utilities for the Bux Token, which means an increased interest from within the Bux Zero app. But then the Liquidity shouldn’t be a blocker to buy the tokens, or people should be able to buy tokens for a higher price than calculated by the app. Fix liquidity before adding even more utilities! :slight_smile:

Please consider the mentioned developments or other solutions please @Krypto-Kai @Aditya

Connecting the Kucoin BTC Bux pair in the backend could resolve this, as you would have the Liquidity of the two biggest pairs for Bux. Also you would drive the price of both pairs equally, have lower average prices for the customers. This seems a no brainer to me! Might be a development that needs some time but you can use the principle then for many other crypto pairs etc.


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