Legacy: For my Son

Hi guys, i don’t know if this has been asked or talked about. If it already has, please bear with me. If not, all advise welcome. Thanks.

I’m thinking about investing in my son’s future. He turned 1 year old on the 5th of last month. I’d like to buy stocks in his name, alongside mine to prevent any and all unnecessary hassle in the future transfers. My plan is to get him some long term stocks and ETFs until he’s 20, thereafter it’ll be up to him.

Nothing too HUGE, I’m not rich, just a lowly Service Tech, hehe.

Is this possible or allowed for poor folks like myself? It’s my understanding that rich folks can build a 'Trust for their kids… How do I go about this as cheaply and stress-free as possible? I live in Belgium.

Thanks for your time and input.



Great idea, have also been wondering how that works after hearing some people do it online. But none of them from Belgium, so no idea how it’s done.


This will help you I think


Thank you. I’ll check it out as soon as I get home.


@TheBigBlackGuy I can’t help you with the Belgium rules, but in the Netherlands it’s pretty easy. Get’s explained pretty well in the podcast @DaveyV19 shared (thanks!). May I ask what’s currently in your son’s portfolio?

For my daughter I’m DCA’ing an all world ETF & recently added a China ETF.


Hi Jim, thanks for your message. I haven’t started his portfolio yet, hence the post. I intend to start next year. Cheers.


I’m currently keeping track in excel of all the shares and dividends my two daughters own inside my portfolio.

I’ll check out that podcast to see if there is an easier way to go about it :slight_smile: