Let's talk!

Hi everyone!

If you had an friend, who just started with stocks. Which stock do you prefer to let him or her start with and why?

(Be aware that this is an open chat and NOT an advice for anyone, this is just for fun!)


Depends a lot on their risk tolerance I guess. Personally I think I’d recommend them to buy into a broadly diversified ETF and slowly add to that position for a while (dollar-cost averaging). Something like an All World ETF.

I think it’s a nice introduction to the stock market, but a bit less volatile (unless they happen to buy into it just days before a global pandemic breaks out :joy:). They can experience the feeling of seeing their investment go up or down in value and see how it affects them. Based on that experience they can then choose to move on to individual stocks (or not).

But that’s just my idea.


I would probably recommend them some of the ‘safer’ big tech stocks like Microsoft, apple or alphabet to start of with.

I have always felt that those are relatively safe stocks while still benefitting from the massive growth tech stocks can have.


Precies dat zal inderdaad ook een prima idee kunnen zijn voor hen!


Ja, juist dat zal inderdaad ook een goede kunnen zijn. Ik heb dat bij mezelf wel zo gedaan, haha!