Looking ahead for 2023

Hi folks,

The end of the year is the time to look back and ahead to 2023. :fireworks: :sparkler:

At BUX we are curious about which share you will be keeping an eye on in 2023? And which stock do you think you should stay away from?

Please share your top and flop pick for 2023 with us!
Bonus question: what’s your expectation of the AEX in 2023?


Thanks for asking, gonna be honest ofcourse.

I don’t have a top, most of the market has been under performing with everything in the world. Ukraine, Energy and Inflation.

Flop would be the BUX Token, even though it was the fourth most sold crypto on BUX. It has been under delivered. Things take way to long and more than half of deadlines etc are not made. In statistics it aint good.

But we get the new roadmap for 2023 before the 31st of December. Just gonna wait.

I guess the AEX will consolidate for most of 2023 and after about… July get more chances to go full bullmarket again.



My top pick for 2023 is Alphabet. Think they are undervalued now. They still print a lot of money.

Flop pick is Tesla. They are overvalued and mostly darling of retail investors. Elon is to busy with Twitter and selling stock.

And crypto of course.

AEX first half of 2023 mostly downward than I expect it to stabilise and move sideways most of 2023.


Top, Swiss Re (insurance)
Flop, tesla,crypto and semiconductors

AEX 750

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Top pick: Philips , Activision Blizzard ( I think Microsoft will manage to close the deal)
Flop pick: Tesla it is overvalued and competition is catching up