Map the stocks owned and add stocks from other continents (Africa, Asia, South America)

It would be nice to be able to “map” our shares, for instance to balance what is owned in North America market vs Europe.
Also it would be interesting to have a chance to be part of new markets with greater risk but also opportunities, like Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America.

What do you think, what about big names like Dangote, Emirates, Emaar, Etihad, Nakheel, Midroc,

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There is a big growing market in the rest of the world and i agree we need the big names like Etihad possibly.

There are new ETF’s and stocks coming in this month but i do not expect these names in the app within the next batch. Maybe @Fergus can see into it.

Otherwise China and their stocks/ETF’s also have contracts within the rest of the world.

But i think big names like Etihad will be a good addition :blush:

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This! Asian/UK stocks please. ETFs aren’t always the best option for tax reasons. Investment funds maybe too would be nice.