Market News #10 - 9-13 August | Which trio of companies will move the markets? 🗞

Welcome to Market News, where you can read the latest stock market news for 9 – 13 August in three minutes flat.

Stock markets have already experienced good growth this August despite concerns about the economic recovery around the world. Most analysts believe the trend will continue in the long term and are still expecting widespread earnings growth. European analysts also share this optimism as the European earnings season gets underway.

For this week, we turn our attention to three stocks that are exhibiting some very interesting characteristics for investors.

BioNTech ease investors amid earnings hope :pray:t4:

You must have heard about this German company which, allied with Pfizer, has developed and marketed an anti-covid vaccine which is among the most widely used in the world. On Monday, 9 August, BioNTech will publish its quarterly earnings with analysts forecasting very strong growth, earnings per share of $ 8.94 and estimated revenue at $ 3.86 billion.

Faced with the current criticisms regarding the decrease in the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on the Delta variant, the two founders of the BioNTech group have also announced that a new more resistant vaccine could be developed in just one hundred days. This goes a long way to help reassure investors!

A reversal of fortune for Airbnb? :house:

In our previous Market News on the tourism sector, we took stock of this market which has been severely affected by the crisis. However, the recent rebound in the summer period has allowed the big names in tourism to revitalize their growth.

For Airbnb, which presents its quarterly figures this Thursday, 12 August, it is time to shine. After a drop in earnings per share of -$14.68 over the last twelve months, the current forecasts are looking much better with potential growth of 86.8% compared to the second quarter of 2020. The turnover of the group should reach $ 5.49 billion, an increase of 62.61% year on year!

This week’s favourite: Walt Disney :ferris_wheel:

Considered a “hot stock” for the month of August, Walt Disney is not likely to disappoint the market for its latest earnings report which is also scheduled for Thursday, 12 August.

Since the reopening of Disneyland parks around the world, the resumption of film shoots and the success of its Disney + platform, which already had 104 million subscribers in the previous quarter, the American group should post impressive growth figures. Earnings per share are estimated at $ 0.57, an increase of 612.4% year on year. Turnover is likely to be up 42.83%, an estimated $16.82 billion.

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Economic and results calendar :calendar:

Monday – Trade balance figures from Germany. Quarterly figures from BioNTech.

Tuesday – Eurozone ZEW Index figures of the economic sentiment of investors. Quarterly figures from Coinbase, Sysco, HelloFresh, Porsche.

Wednesday – Inflation figures from Germany and Italy. Quarterly figures from E.ON, eBay.

Thursday – UK GDP and Trade Balance numbers. US unemployment rate. Quarterly figures from Henkel, Walt Disney, Airbnb, Palantir.

Friday – Unemployment and inflation figures from France. Eurozone Trade Balance numbers. Quarterly figures from Deutsche Wohnen.

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See you in the next Market News! In the meantime, we wish you a good week in the markets! :wave:t4: