Mentor needed or someone with experience


On this forum i know much of the people by now and i have a question. It is not about this platform but something called MT5 and other platforms like that.

I am looking into this way of making money and learning about the economic business and markets, and i was wondering if any of you have experience with that other kind of platform/market…? If so, can we talk on a program like Skype maybe so i can learn from you :(? I need the help tbh and i can also meet somewhere in the Netherlands (preferred in the region of Arnhem/Utrecht). Then i buy you the first drink :wink:

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I am sorry. I am not an expert in CFD’s it is a real tricky business so I think it is very good of you to ask help with this. Maybe you should go IG for some help I do know they offering a lot CFD’s. I don’t have an IG account but if you want help maybe IG will be a good broker for you if you want some CFD action. I am on the stock market for the long run for now. I am doing this for 1 year now. And I am not ready CFD yet I still have to do a lot of learning

I have no experience with MT5. I do have some experience with CFDs though. However, I’m not a big fan.
My experience: if you have little money to trade or invest with, stay away from CFDs or derivatives (products based on the value of an underlying security, like stocks). The potential upside is great, but so is the downside. If you lose, you permanently lose it. Whereas with shares (or other securities) you directly own something. If things take a turn for the worst, your unrealized loss may be great, but not permanent until you choose to sell.

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