Merger stocks

Hi guys! I was wondering how the procedure is when a merger happens.

I noticed during the GX Acquisition merger it didn’t change to the Celularity Inc stock. (Which is a shame since it would be very interesting to follow this stock)
As I own CCIV stocks and they will merge into Lucid on the 23rd, what will happen to my stocks and how fast will you act on changing the stock in the app?


Hi @MARCUSNORD! Normally the shares just change into the new ones but this can, of course, differ per merger. It depends mainly on whether we can offer the new share or not.

We will always keep our users informed by mail when there is a merger happening :sunglasses:

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I hold cciv but if it goes to lucid motors what happends with the shares if bux can’t offer the lcid stock?

I’m thinking of buying the CCIV stock. Because of the merger.
Is the CCIV stock going to change its name or is the new stock going to appearing separately on the nasdaq by a different name, like LCID.

I sold my cciv with a small profit today. Dont like the fact that they are going to dilute the shares. It could drop massively. Wouldn’t touch it imo but your choice ofcourse!

Thanks. I’m gonna follow them for a while, and then decide what I’m gonna do.