Monthly AMA #8

Today was the eight monthly AMA in the Bux community telegram with CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Dan Zbijowski. And you can read all questions with awnser down here.


Thanks for posting that’s cleared lots of issues up :flushed:

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Thanks for posting Kuike!

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Thanks @Kuike !

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Surprised to see the amount of Crypto related questions. Of course there’s a Crypto hype, but the risks are much higher. Focus should be on the traditional stocks rather than Crypto. BUX wants to attract a young audience. This audience should be protected against risks as well.

Maybe list up related information before trading in Crypto.

My personal opinion. The red interface of BUX 0 doesn’t give me a happy feeling. Purple was better, more themes would be great.

Please bring BUX 0 labs, let users test new UX changes, or make it possible to vote on changes.
I’m personally not a fan of the new portfolio look.

Well, it’s an AMA that’s being held on the BUX telegram monthly. and pretty much 100% of the people who follow the bux telegram are crypto enthusiasts (also Seb and Kai are from the crypto team, and pretty much the only Bux members that keep the community alive and up to date).

to word it differently, the only reason the monthly ama exists is because the crypto community kept asking for updates every day in the telegram channels. :sweat_smile: