Monthly AMA’s

For everyone who didn’t read the last newsletter, we now get monthly 30 minute AMA’s with @Krypto-Kai and @SebastiaanLichter in the telegram Bux community channel.

Follow the Bux announcements telegram channel for updates on when they come.

I will also try to update this post with dates of the upcoming monthly AMA’s and links to them when I have posted it on the forum.

If you have any questions for the upcoming AMA and can’t post them yourself please post them here, all questions posted here won’t be included.

The AMA’s


I’ve already prepared some questions :pray: looking forward to it!


There is a new law regulating cryptos in Belgium. What are the consequences for the Belgian customers of BUX crypto?

@Gaetan can you please post your questions here. All questions posted here won’t be included