Multiple accounts in Bux Zero

Would be great if it is possible to switch accounts in the bux zero app. I have currently 2 accounts 1 private and 1 together with a friend. The only way to switch is to reinstall the app or use a separate device

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I don’t want to be a party pooper, but sharing accounts is against Terms of Service, I think…

It’s also part of KYC and AML measures. Why your account must have same name as bank account…

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Hi @LeonBackbier, sounds like an interesting idea. Maybe you can share this idea and other ideas under this topic as well?

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I agree on this one, was just thinkin about it. Would make life a bit easier

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Will sharing an account with someone who is not a fiscal partner not pose legal problems with regards to the ownership of the assets?

As for the request, I guess it would be nice to have a way to create separate (or sub) accounts. To start a portfolio for a child for example.


I did not even know it was possible to have two accounts? With all the details and information you need to give to the company.

How do you have an account with someone else? Is it registered to his/her name?

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How about instead of having multiple accounts, please give us the option to have multiple separate portfolios on our account.

I’d like to invest for my daughter but now I need to lump all the stocks into my portfolio and it’s hard to keep track.


you can open an extra account on your name but on a different email. You won’t get the free stock though :wink:

The account is registered on my name, it was just an example. I discussed with the helpdesk and this is not a problem. I can think of many reasons for having multiple accounts in combination with bank accounts. From a lgal perspective in my case both accounts are registered to me but using different bank accounts

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This opens a new possibility :octopus:

In my case it’s my Son, I’m able to handle that

for me i registered 2 accounts, both on my name but using different email and bank accounts. Was suggested by the bux helpdesk guys and is working okay except for the switchinh part. I have a seperate device for the extra account

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Doesn’t seem like a bad idea, also not from (Operational) Security. Especially for high value accounts, it’s smart to have a second device. Less risk of malware infections and other security risks

Krijg je dan ook een gratis aandeel als je dit doet?

Ja dat zou mooi zijn, nee dat niet direct bevestigd door de helpdesk