Need more quality dividend ETF's: FUSD, FGEQ

Could you please add the following ETF’s to BUX0?
FUSD: Fidelity US Quality Income UCITS ETF USD Inc
FGEQ: Fidelity Global Quality Income UCITS ETF USD Inc

Why? In times like these where dividend investing is quite popular we simply need more choice and quality. Both offer far superior yield and dividend growth to the currently availalbe ETF’s on the platform. Both come performance-wise closest to the infamous SCHD ETF which is not UCITS and thus not available in Europe.

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It’s a good question but if I may ask…why are you not just buying those holdings with fractional shares?
Why bother with an ETF?

“Just”? :slight_smile:

Mimicing the 50+ holdings of SCHD/FUSD/FGEQ by balancing fractional shares would be quite a handful (we unfortunately don’t have pie’s at bux0 :wink: ). I’d really prefer the ease of use and no-maintenance of holding an ETF. Besides, both mentioned ETF’s are sub 10 euro’s in price currently, which probably fits in everybody’s monthly investment plan.

Can’t be that much of a problem to add the UCITS Fidelity ETF’s right? Lots of other brokers offer them already.

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While I understand where you are coming from, surely there is a selection of 10 you can make that reflects the overall ETF (in case it isn’t added yet)

Was there any follow up on this by BUX? I would also be interested in these ETFs


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No. So far, my stock/ETF requests at BUX0 have disappeared into a black hole. Never heard anything back.


Hi all :blush: we have a new addition in the app for requesting products, you can access it by searching up the asset in the search bar. If the asset is not available in the app, there will be a CTA which reads ‘request a product’. That way you can fill in the form so we can manage all the products request in a more efficient way. Hope your requests get added :blush:


Well… I’ve submitted requests there before, also kind of a black hole. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion, I’ve submitted both FUSD and FGEQ via the request-an-asset function in the app, hopefully someone will have a look at it :pray:

Hi Alicia,

I think a few people have used the “request product” button and requested the ones in this thread. I don’t think they have been added yet. Can you clarify if BUX are able to add?

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I never got any response whatsoever yet on all my “request products”.

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