New gaming and eSports MGM promo - Ready player one? 🎮

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Today we released a new MGM promo that focuses on gaming & eSports!

Gaming has become a serious business. While most gamers still prefer high-end consoles, you also have PC gaming, a growing number of immersive VR titles - and billions playing casual multiplayer games on their phones.

While investing could never be seen as a game, you can still earn rewards when you share BUX Zero with friends. This week you’ll get one of the following free gaming shares, when your friend creates and funds their account:

  • Zynga - makers of Farmville and High Heels!

  • Corsair - high-performance hardware and gaming accessories.

  • Roblox - an immersive 3D world, mainly for tweens.

  • Sony - maker of the PlayStation and VR gaming pioneers.

The promotion will end on 20 May, so let’s get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about the major players in the gaming industry, click here to see a thorough list of the gaming and technology stocks on BUX Zero.

Free shares will be added automatically to your account during US market trading hours, from 15:30 until 21:30 CEST.


*Terms & Conditions
*This MGM promo is only available in BE, NL, FR, DE, AT, IE


thank you for sharing, Fergus! :star_struck: hope you all like this month’s promo :video_game:

on this topic, what is your favorite video game?

I have not played much recently, but when I was younger I would play a lot of GTA :grin:


Current favorite is Elden Ring. All time favorite Mafia 1. On 2nd place to the world famous A2 racer ii.


Hi @Sulhie my favorite games are FIFA, GTA AND CALL OF DUTY


I got to many favorites:

  • CoD
  • Fifa
  • Runescape (old but gold)
  • Skyrim
  • Last of us
  • Walking dead
  • Tribal Wars
  • League of Legends.

I can go on for another 40 :exploding_head::rofl:


Nice list!