New member having suggestions


I am Edwin from the Netherlands and trade for at least a decade now doing ordinary stocks and etf’s.
Still having my Binck/Saxo account but since a while i decided to look for something cheaper and found BUX a few months ago.

Fun thing is BUX provides me with nearly everything i need.
For example, real-time stock values, very easy application, acceptable costs.

It’s all very workable as it is, while i was a computer programmer, i hope to see BUX is not crossing the path to have all kinds of features, simplicity rules i.m.o.
But then, i do have suggestions, but i hope these will apply to cosmetic changes as much as possible.

Here are a few…
While having a pretty large port-folio already, there is no good oversight, the only change you can do is toggle to daily change, overall change and value.
This should imo really be modified to something similar as shown in the/a dividends weekly list.
Historic value, gain, percentage (historic date?) and maybe others placed directly in view.
Using the smaller font of course,

The watchlist, similar, i have a lot of favourites but i can not remember which is which (getting old ok?).
Some indicator like if i have it already purchased or current attempt to buy would be nice.
(Having the order details directly below the stock i mean.)

Maybe up to 3 watchlists possible?
My watchlist has US stocks in it but until opening they are between my europe stocks doing nothing else than cluthering the list.
A ‘rapid’ 3 button switch for list 1,2 or 3 would be sufficient to me.

Later on i will post a few more suggestions, i have to think that over.



Hi @EBK that’s some great feedback from a well experienced investor :smiley:. Great that you are on board and welcome to our BUX Community Forum!

I forwarded your feedback to our product team and we can’t for more suggestions to follow!