New partnership with BlackRock 🎉

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!

As you might have already seen in the news, BUX is partnering with BlackRock to offer thematic iShares ETF Portfolios that investors can turn into a savings plan. This collaboration with BlackRock is a huge company milestone as we’re collaborating with one of the largest asset managers in the world!

You can read more about the offering on our webpage here or press release here. Sharing a recap with some coverage highlights of the BlackRock announcement here:

:earth_asia: Global

:netherlands:The Netherlands

Don’t miss the chance to win €2023!

With this partnership, BUX has created 6 Savings Plans with iShares ETFs. You can edit, pause or cancel your savings plan at any time. Below you can find more details:

  • Create a BUX Savings Plan on or before 7 February 2023.
  • Make sure your plan is active and executed, with a minimum amount of €150, in February, March and April 2023.
  • Your plan can contain iShares ETFs - or any other stocks or ETFs.
  • Only your first plan will be entered. Creating multiple plans won’t increase your chances of winning.
  • The winner will be announced in May 2023.

You can read the full T&Cs here.

Curious to know your thoughts on what shared above. :point_up_2:t3:
What do you think about the partnership with BlackRock? Will you join the promotion and create a saving plan?


Thanks for sharing this BUXISH news @elissa :star_struck::partying_face:


Nice news, there is a small type in there, I believe it should be “create” not “crate” right? :smiley:

Not planning on creating an investment plan myself, I only buy specific stocks at specific times so broad investing doesn’t suit my style.

Thanks @JPeters, good catch! I should have re-read the text more than once before posting it :see_no_evil:

I understand, I am also investing more in your style, but a saving plan is very useful and way cheaper for many BUX Zero users :slight_smile:

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That’s great news! Never a good idea to lay all eggs in one basket so it’s an easy way to spread the investment risks out with a lot of compagnies at once. :+1:

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@elissa do you need to create a new BUX Savings Plan or are existing Savings Plans also eligible for the promotion?

HI @karsgroen, correct, you need to create a new Savings Plan in order to participate to the promotion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be nice if there is an auto top-up with bank transfer or PayPal, Credit Card :smiley:

Also Crypto in an Investment Plan would be interesting

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Hello @svenhaverbus, indeed, our team is actually working on this feature (direct debit transfer)! We expect it to go live in the upcoming months :raised_hands:t2:

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Can we still change our active Investment plan to be eligible for the promo. Like adding removing items from the plan or changing vallues?

@svenhaverbus yes, you can edit your plan at any time and you are still eligible for the promotion. The only important thing is that the plan gets executed once a month for 150 euros or more. Other than that, you can make all the changes you wish. :blush: