New searching method


This will just be a question/suggestion and i would lovee it if other users react and share their thoughts!
i once suggested this on the Youtube channel from Stevan, he liked it but i am curious about what the users think!

i was thinking if it would come in handy to have a feature while searching which is based on how long a company has been active on the market. To see which are new and which are not?

My way of thinking is as followed:

  1. i am curious to see how new and younger companies are handeling themselves in the market, just to see and learn from what it does (get more/get less in value) and also to find out when these evens occur. Not to predict the market (nearly impossible) but to learn from it!
  2. I think some people would be interested in investing in the new ones.

How it would look like:
Active since - 0-6 months
Active since - 6-12 months
Active since - 1 -2 years
Active since - 2-5 years
Active since - 5 - 10 years.

Please share your thoughts and make this open to discussion!