New stocks and Rize ETFs in the BUX Zero app! ๐Ÿ†•

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

I am happy to announce that weโ€™ve added more stocks to BUX Zero! :raised_hands:t4:

Weโ€™ve added the following three Rize ETFs

More stocks and ETFs are coming soon, so please stay tuned. You can make a request in this category if you want us to add a stock or ETF thatโ€™s missing on BUX Zero :smiley:

Update: Almost all new stocks are now available on BUX Zero.


This is a huge update! Keep up the good work guys! Love itโค๏ธ


Thanks @DaveyV19, more to come! :rocket:


Hi Fergus ,

I do see only the ETFs , but the stocks are not presenting the app. Are the stock available so far?


They must be active now! Can you please check, @ilir? :blush:

Hi ,

I do see them when I search them individually ( except for (OneSpan) . But , they are not tagged as Newly Added Assets .

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Aah okay, thanks for letting me know! We are working on it, OneSpan will be available later today together with 2 other new stocks :eyes: Please keep me posted @ilir!

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Awesome work Fergus!
What does BUX take into account for listing new crypto tokens?