New update from BUX

Good morning everyone, we’ve got some big news from BUX so buckle up and read on! :boom:

  1. First things first, we have made our investment plan better!

As you guys know, investment plans are a great way to invest with small amounts regularly. With our brand new plan, instead of only adding whole ETFs, you can now create investment plans containing fractions of ETFs and US stocks. The fee will remain at just €1 per month.

This won’t affect your existing plan in any way, however if you didn’t use this before and you now want to try this new feature, you’ll have to create a new plan. And, listen listen, now you can have multiple plans active at once.

Discover more at the following link: Investment plan - BUX Zero | Do more with your money (

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  1. Second big news, we welcomed at BUX our new Country Manager for Spain, Alvaro Vidal Blanco. :es:

A big shout out for Alvaro Vidal Blanco! Alvaro will lead on the Spanish market and accelerate BUX’s efforts to grow its customer base in Spain, making investing more accessible and affordable for Spaniards. :tada:

You can learn more here: BUX names Álvaro Vidal as Country Manager to Further Lead Expansion in Spain | BUX Newsroom

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