No BUX Bi-weekly Newsflash 🙅🏽‍♂️

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Unfortunately, we don’t have a BUX Newsflash today…

But we will come back in 2022 with more and better BUX news :smirk:

See you all in 2022!

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2022 :santa:t4: :christmas_tree:


Ooh and btw luckily I have still a would you rather for you and a random meme of course…. :sweat_smile:

Would you rather be able to say “Happy New Year” in 100 languages or know the answer to 1000 random trivia questions? :thinking:

  • Saying Happy New Year in 100 languages :raised_hands:t4:
  • 100 random trivia questions, so I can impress my friends :imp:
  • Idk, just let me eat during New Year instead :grimacing:

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Wish you a great Christmas/new year as well! :grin:


Happy holidays to everyone ! :christmas_tree::deer::champagne:


So… no news about the zero integration.
So disappointing every time. Saying Q3 or Q4, then saying Q4, then saying half december… And say nothing this time…


Early January Is the next target announced on the Telegram.

I get that delays are annoying (and I would’ve loved to see an announcement of the delay earlier than at the exact period it was suppose to come out :sweat_smile:).

That being said, Its a massive project, where they probably need full manpower at the start of release. Which is why the delay is kind of logical and most people already expected it. Most country’s and companies simply run at lower capacity around Christmas and New years.

And on the bright side @BiancaB, The delays are getting closer and closer to each other! :joy: Meaning its probably really close to done! :grin:


I understand it’s a big project and I understand a delay. But delay after delay after delay makes my FUD nose tinkle. I know, everybody is hyped by the bux token because of all the potential and good news… But up to now, it’s still only words. I love the bux token too due it’s potential, but it would be better to make the words/deadlines/white paper come true. FUD is killing for a coin or token.


I don’t use telegram. Early January? Let’s hope this time.


I understand and kind of agree with your sentiment. Lets hope we see some big actions in 2022. My trust is still there seeing as Bux Zero is still the best broker I know. And I hope that will carry onto the crypto side!

On the more optimistic side, BTC has also not done particularly well recently. So if we are lucky It might go up WHILE bux integration is finally there.

In the end, the real moonshots often happen when BTC goes up, while the altcoin has some massive things released. ^^ Or in other words, if the stars align.


I have a few cryptos (on others than bux). I look at white paper/roadmap, history, volume and potential. I have a few bux tokens because of the potential and white paper. History is not so good (BPT), volume also not good (yet). White paper and potential are very good. But the most important on the white paper, the zero integration, delayed… I know btc is leading most of the times, but btc is not disappointing in my opinion. After a ATH it’s always bearish, preparing for a new ATH. It’s just following the new cycle perfectly.
When cryptos have great potential, they don’t need btc or alligned stars to grow. But I’m getting a little off topic… So… Fingers crossed for early January.


True no coin “needs btc” if it has great potential… But it certainly helps letting it go x10 instead of x3. :sweat_smile: I was in Enjin back in 2017, and stars aligning certainly helps with name recognition and price of a coin, pretty sure everyone would agree that its helpful if btc also goes x2. Now of course what’s most important is the project itself…

Long term wise you are right, but then again, we can also say that delays of a few months should probably not matter long term wise either. Ethereum’s proof of stake version has been delayed for years, as long as the reasons are logical for a delay, Its still fine. And seeing a delay from Q3/4 to early Jan, is not that bad… Its their most ambitious product after the launch of Bux Zero itself. (Its just that the communication about the delays was handled poorly, which I think we both agree on)

And Btc disappointment depends of course on which time frame you look at. I meant it more as in the 10 month time frame, where it was almost on 60k in Februari and now its on 50k. While stock markets have grown 20-30%.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Enjoy those days with your family and your loved once! :snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow: