Northern Trust ETF's

Good morning!

I was wondering if there is a possibilty that there will be added Northern Trust ETF’s in the future?

And then specially the next ones:

NT Emerging Markets
NT World
NT Small Cap

If not, does anyone know an alternative option which will be nearly the same as the Northern Trust ETF’s?

Many thanks in advance for your reply!

Looks like these are not ETFs, but rather Open Ended Investment Companies. Bux has said elsewhere that they don’t offer these types of funds on Bux Zero.

Hi all! :blush: we have a new addition in the app for requesting products, you can access it by searching up the asset in the search bar. If the asset is not available in the app, there will be a CTA which reads ‘request a product’. That way you can fill in the form so we can manage all the products request in a more efficient way. Hope your requests get added. :crossed_fingers: