Notification when stock hit price

I would love to see a feature that will notify when a stock or ETF gets under or above a certain price. (Like at CoinBase…)


For my own brain, in which way would it differ from the current “limit order” in BUX zero?


The difference is, that it’s not an order. It’s just a notification.

Let’s say you want an Apple stock that’s now priced at $ 146.330 but you don’t want to buy an Apple stock at $135 you can check the news and the stocks around the clock wait until a price drop. But if BUX send you a notification when the stock hits $135 you can decide for yourself if you want to make a market order or a zero order. It’s not automatic it’s just a notification. So that would also mean that you don’t need the funds in your account and you can top up when you decide to buy.

It would be a nice to have


Okay, i agree it would be a nice option :slight_smile:


yes i would love this

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