NVIDIA potentie

NVIDIA een zekerheidje voor de komende 5 jaar met groei? Wat is jullie mening hierop?


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I believe NVIDIA, like other tech stock still have some room to go up. However, I firmly believe tech is in a bubble at the moment and it is not very far away from reaching its peak (and consequently it bursts). Before investing in a tech stock at this point in time, I’d recommend you to weigh your options and your target very carefully and not to rush your investment decision, meaning; 1) how certain is it that it will continue the climb? 2) what is a realistic target (I’d seriously watch out with overestimating tech-targets at this point) 3) are there other options available to me that are similar or perhaps even a safer/more profitable investment? 4) if there are other options available, it could be recommended to spread your investment over NVIDIA and several competitors. Don’t mistake that as investment advice, but simply as my own personal views.

Other than that, I haven’t invested a great amount of time in learning about NVIDIA, so I can’t tell you specifically to what degree this company is a good/profitable investment.

Good luck with your decision making process!

I’m a happy investor in Nvidia. The biggest competition for Nvidia will be AMD for now.

Both are great stocks for long-term. The chip shortage is there so is the shortage for graphic cards and so on. This means the prices will go up. Let me know in case you want more information.

Mee eens, voor de langer termijn zijn Nvidia en AMD twee stabiele en betrouwbare aandelen. Ik zou graag wat meer informatie willen van jou over deze twee aandelen?

Both stocks are great since the hype of gaming PC’s is getting bigger so is the crypto mining industry both need powerful processors and graphic cards. Samsung (biggest smartphone maker) has announced its partnership with AMD as well.

Nvidia in the other hand can’t take over ARM yet (government is against it) something they really want. It gives Nvidia a huge position in this sector. Which is great for them but might be bad for Qualcomm for example.

I believe both stocks will grow even further in 2021. The tech bubble is risky. But if it pops for sure the tech market will bounce back. In the end the industry needs processors and graphic cards. The car industry is changing as well. Just make sure to check the latest stock news on your daily routine.

helder verhaal. Momenteel staat Nvidia 610 dollar, ik vraag mij wel af of dit wel een rechtvaardige prijs is of hij niet te duur is?

Daar heb ik te weinig kennis over. Wellicht dat andere dit weten?

@Pieter93 and @TripleD , I recommend giving these two articles a read. Price-to-Earnings Ratio – P/E Ratio Definition, Formula and Examples

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I bought Nvidia when it dropped a lot in march, managed to snag it up for around 500, sold at 630.

I love the stock, it has potential but it’s such a huge P/E ratio that if inflation does pick up again and spook investors, it will drop back toward 500 again.

Obviously if earnings and forward guidance are a blowout then that P/E ratio will lower (AMD was at P/E of +100 and grew to a P/E of 35 over the last 12 months) which would make it less risky imo.

Another reason I sold is that I’ve seen speculation of the chip shortage extending into 2022 so id like to see Nvidias forward guidance on that at earnings before getting back in.

If you wanted to play it safe, you could try use options to play earnings. Owning the stock long and then having an option to profit from any downward movement.

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Fully agree…stick to it! Graphic cards/industry has lots of potential

Thx for the tip on AMD (NVIDIA main competitor). Also good buy (horizon medium to long)

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Tech is currently very over-valued unfortunately and due for a correction. Picking up shares now at very inflated prices is risky and done at your own peril.

The smarter way to go about it is to invest in areas/companies which are currently not well liked by the market (due to sentiment, not due to performance) like REIT’s and Chinese stocks for instance.
They will appreciate well in price the coming years and then when a major correction comes along and everyone dumps their tech stocks, pick up the likes of Nvidia and AMD.

If you only buy what is already popular, your returns will be below average.


Fully agree with @JPeters. Wait for a market crash to buy. Small cap stocks and chinese stocks are lower valued, you can have a look there.

I can’t fully agree. Since the ask on chips is extremely high at this moment. If there will be a crash companies selling these chips will recover quite fast.

In general, the market is high everywhere don’t you think?

Then you should buy Intel or KLIC. There are some deals. But AMD and Nvidia are high valued. What if the demand goes down again? How will your overpriced stocks respond? What if the growth slows?

I don’t see the amount going down anytime soon. Especially since Samsung and AMD partnered up. Gaming PC’s and Crypto mining are booming. And we shouldn’t forget the electric car industry.

Again, I expect a crash but since the recent corrections. I noticed how fast tech companies bounced back.

It also depends if you are in it for short-term or long-term. I guess?

@Frisoke good tip regarding KLIC. Personally not sure about INTEL at this moment.

I do agree all those industries are growing. But why would you pay 40x/100x earnings vs 11x/17x earnings in the same industry? KLIC is the fastest growing semi conductor company with a p/e of 17. AMD and Nvidia are hype stocks in my opinion.

Is the revenue up because of the chip shortage? Can they sustain the growth? Just some questions to ask yourself.

Amd and Nvidia are both awesome companies. But keep in mind you want the stock price to go up.

For Intel: they cannot make the amount of chips that companies ask for at the moment. That’s why they are expanding and building more factories. It looks like Amd is taking market share, but don’t forget the industry is getting bigger everyday. Intel is not losing much revenue. The key thing for value investing is buying when there is bad sentiment around a company.

I don’t think waiting for a market crash is really an option right now
Many analysts and CEO’s have announced that chip shortages are expected to last at least until halfway through 2022, but most likely until the end of 2022
That’s still a long time to go
And that’s just the shortages, that doesn’t mean that the market will suddenly collapse
Far from it
With the move to EV’s, especially with more and more countries banning the sale of new ICE cars in a couple of years, the demand for chips will only increase
Everything is getting smart, and I don’t see that dissapearing anytime soon
So now even our lightbulbs need chips
And more and more companies are also offering hybrid work form home models
So you can expect the demand for home pcs to still be higher than pre-covid
Although not as many people will need work form home tech as right now, people will most likely want/need to replace their home pc more often than pre-covid


Intel isn’t losing market share because of a lack of production capacity
It’s actually mostly Nvidia and AMD who lack capacity
Intel is losing market share because it wasn’t properly improving their production process, because they were basically a monopolist until a couple of year ago
Then AMD came back with Ryzen, and they made some major leaps in performance, which resulted in AMD now producing faster chips, with more cores than Intel, for a lower performance/dollar
Once Intel realised AMD was a serious competitor, it was too late, because Intel was stuck on 14nm until last year, and could not get 10nm to work properly, while AMD is already on 7nm (smaller nm is faster and more efficient in general)
Intel is now improving again, and they have made some big changes in the organisation, but don’t expect Intel to claw back market share as soon as they can produce more, because they can already produce enough
It will definitely take multiple years for Intel to see the results of the current improvements, and even then, I do not think AMD will be going anywhere
And now Intel has also lost their contract with Apple, so that’s also something to keep in mind
So I definitely see more potential in AMD than in Intel or Nvidia, although Nvidia will have a lot of potential if their acquisition of ARM is allowed