Online Gathering


I was wondering about something, i have been quite active on some forums and i am reading all i can! One thing i notice is that there are some people who talk and comment a lot, amazing keep it up!

Now there is a question i want to add. Does anyone have an interest to have a 1 to 2 our free to join online conversation about stocks and the market? So sharing your ideas and thoughts like you would do in a restaurant but then online?

I think it would be great to have some people talking IRL and giving the community a fun boost! Getting to know each other by having a good conversation. Also helps to deal with loneliness and boredomn in this pandemic.

Share your thoughts! Talk about it! Let me (know).


I love this idea!

The best way in my opinion is to throw idea’s around and have a healthy discussion about it with different points of view.
Sadly I do not have the people around me who are interested in this kind of stuff so it would be something I’d look into for sure.

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If you can get more people in this forum to join then we are ready to go for it. Very easily to do because by now i assume everyone has experience with some certain channels.

Also i would just love to talk to new people about these kind of subjects. Just as you i don’t have a lot of people around me within this business.

I would be interested in this. I’m also relatively new to the investing scene and would love to see how other people approach the markets.

Actually, I would be even more interested in a format in person. For instance in a lunchroom with laptops and paper on the table and grinding through the markets for opportunities. Ofcourse this would be post-covid.

In the bigger picture; I am looking for like minded people.


Side note: I’d definitely watch a monthly or quarterly interactive webcast from Bux, like Bux Broadcast on Youtube, but live with community members joining via video calls for instance. :slight_smile:

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