Open Wallet

Hi guys (and ofcourse girls)

What you guys thinking of sharing your wallet?
Is it okay and a fun topic or do you guys think no that’s not good. Personally I think it might be fun to share and maybe it can be even helpful to get people creative and give them no ideas but if you guys think no not I also accept that. But let me know what you all think
I am curious about it


Ik weet eigenlijk niet of dat dat mag. Dit meer omdat ik is een keer heb gelezen bij de regels toen der tijd dat je je portemonnee niet mag delen. Toch @fergus ?

Zelf heb ik er geen probleem mee en wil ik best wel een foto delen over hoe mijn aandelen lijst er uit ziet. Al is die nog lang niet klaar!


I think sharing your portfolio without exact amounts and without promoting any companies is not really a problem. Although I’m sure we can discuss why you pick which stock and If you like or dislike it. I’m also open to share my portfolio with the current weight in percentage of each stock.


But maybe better to open this under stock discussion

Hi @DaveyV19 thank you for sharing your idea!

Like @Cornel mentioned in our guidelines, we say that members are unfortunately not allowed to share their wallets. That’s mainly due from a compliance perspective.

If we allow users to share their wallets on our forum, it might be perceived by other users that this is something we support or endorse, which then ultimately can be perceived as investment advice, which we are not allowed to give :smiley:

I was thinking maybe it’s a nice idea to start a topic where we discuss which stocks/ETFs we recently have bought and why and which stocks/ETFs we recently have sold and why. We can do this in the Stocks & ETFs Discussion like @Frisoke mentioned!

Let me know your thoughts! @Cornel @DaveyV19 @Frisoke :grin:


Dit lijkt mij een prima idee! Laten we dat maar doen dan. :+1:


Nou laten we dat maar doen👌


Hey guys

I was kinda hoping for this too, but unfortunately it’s not allowed I see.

But I was wondering if anyone else also keeps track of how much of their stocks/ETFs are allocated in each sector?I do this to keep an eye on my portfolio diversification. I thought it would be interesting to see how others diversify.

@Fergus is it allowed to share this info here, without mentioning specific stocks? Or would the same rules apply for that?


Hey @yohhst this a good one, let me check for you. I see your point on diversifying and from a community perspective we can really help each other by giving feedback on this topic indeed.

You’ll hear from me asap! :smiley: