Option to filter ‘postvak in’


It would by nice if we can filter in the ‘Postvak in’. For example filter by stockname.

It is then more easy to find the stock you buy and sell Before.

It is only a sugestion.

Martin Boutkan


Which postvak IN? :open_mouth:

In the Bux Zero app. After logging in right under in de corner (ringing bell). That is the ‘Postvak in’. More easy when you can filter there.

Ohh now i see ! Thank you for telling me. @Fergus this would be nice to have and possibly easy… like an e-mail inbox :o

Thank you also and greetings

Hi @Martin thanks for your suggestion! and congrats on your first post :wink: Welcome! :smiley:

At the moment we are not working yet on implementing this but we are aware that several community members would love to see this in the BUX Zero app :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Fergus

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