Order Time

I think it is very usefull to put in orders outside market time. Then we can tackle some problems like this: you are busy and are not available between 1 PM and 5 PM you want to sell an American stock like Kraft Hein…… now you can only put in orders when the markets are open, I think it is easier to put in a zero order in also for outside hours cause the are activated at 4 PM so it doesn’t matter that you put them in outside market hours, I think it will make BUX way more flexible


Dit is inderdaad een erg goed idee van je !


It would indeed be great to be able to put in orders outside trading hours
Personally, I feel it would be nice to have the following options outside trading hours:

  • Market open order (so buying/selling the asset as soon as the market opens)
  • Limit order (just like a regular limit order, why can’t we set that outside hours?)
  • Zero order (again, just like the regular zero order for the next day. Why can’t we get that outside hours yet?)