Organising the watchlist


at first I want to say that I really love the app, and the improvements over time, like the alarm function or the possibility to buy fractional shares (btw, since I live in the EU, I am curious, when the fractional shares for EU stocks are coming?).

While scrolling my watchlist, I always think it would be practical to have the possibility to organise it somehow. Maybe set a priority marker/color for stocks in the watchlist. Different watchlists might also do the trick.
And make notes for a stock: Sometimes I make notes in another app, i.e. If i want to keep an eye on some stocks later in the day/week. If there is no price I want to set an alarm for, I can easily lose track of what I had in mind. Since some of these suggestions were already mentioned in earlier posts, is this something the team is working on?

Nonetheless, thanks for your great work, keep it up!

Greetings from Germany


I agree with you. I have similar issues I use the watchlist to track the stocks I am interested in but they can differ a lot the reason. For my a solution could be customise tags that you can add in your watchlist stocks and then you can filter by them.


This would be nice

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Hi @eszyca thank you so much for your feedback! I passed it on to our Product Team :smiley:

They are familiar with your suggestions like you mentioned. For now, I don’t have an ETA but will let you know when I have any updates.

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