Our latest BUX commercial is live on Dutch Television!

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Some of you have probably already seen our latest BUX commercial and shared it on social media, thank you for that :pray:t4:

We just uploaded our latest BUX commercial on our own Dutch social channels (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

Thanks to the team for creating again an amazing BUX TV Commercial! And were are very curious what your thoughts are on our latest BUX commercials? Does it look different compared to the investing commercials you see nowadays on the tv? Did you miss our BUX Community stars in it?

Please let us know! And we can wait to create and share more BUX TV commercials like this :star_struck:


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Love the 80s style music. Great commercial!


Those traffic cones :joy:
From this day forward Bux users shall be referred to as… cone heads.


Welcome to the BUX Community Forum aka the place where all the cone heads meet :sweat_smile::joy:


Hope the commercial will lead to iCONEic results


Hi everyone and thanks Fergus for promoting our new ad. I’ve been closely involved in the creation and I thought it might be good to briefly explain what it is that we’re seeing and what the idea behind it is.

The traffic cone represents the obstacles that one might encounter when wanting to invest. BUX Zero is not only your accessible gateway to the markets, but also shows you the way once your on the markets through educational content, in-app support and more.

For the payoff we chose to highlight the fact that we are the first Dutch broker that offers both stocks and crypto in one app, together with the removal of those obstacles and all while cementing our name: BUX Zero.

The style can be described as 80’s vintage. The rhythm of the ad is constantly moving forward. And the ‘Joker’ (by Todd Philips) style color grading gives it that raw feel.

We’re really happy with the end result and can’t wait to roll out this concept in other countries. You might even see the cone pop-up elsewhere :slight_smile:

Shout out to Fitzroy, New Amsterdam and director Arjen Schotel for their great work. And last but not least shout out to our great community. Yes, you. For being a constant inspiration in everything we create here at BUX. Thanks!


Great explanation for a great commercial :ok_hand:t2::muscle:t2::green_heart:


Nice commercial! I like the idea behind it! :+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


I think he is on his way to some new users😏