Penny stocks

Good day
I’m missing in the Dutch app ( don’t know about the others) a list of penny stocks.
Stock up to 5 euro max.
I think for a lot of people it might be very interesting.
For example a relatively new company who sells stock for a few penny , first of all it’s interesting beceause you can have with a relatively low budget a bigger amount of stocks second, if the company grows you’ll make an higher profit.
I know it has some bigger risks,
But big companies like KPN, Bam are penny stocks to.

There is a difference between a penny stock and a stock with a low price.

A penny stock is a low quality company that has very little investor trust or a newly started company in the same boat.

Stocks like KPN and BAM are reliable big companies that earn money, but that just have a ton of stock outstanding meaning the share price is low and affordable.

Don’t compare apples and oranges and if you ask me, if you don’t know the difference you really have to ask yourself if investing in genuine penny stocks is a wise idea…

I know what the difference is normally.
But in the Netherlands we don’t have real penny stocks as far as I know.
So maybe I have wrong examples.
Nevertheless I’d like to so a good oversight of cheap stocks like KPN ( It isn’t as trustworthy as you think)
And a really penny stock section. Just for fun and maybe getting rich for a few vent​:thinking::shushing_face::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_peeking_eye:

Bam reliable😂 Afsluitdijk…. Jk i understand your point. Aegon also a low stock price with good business