Poll: Coolblue IPO 🟠

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Like most of you already know Dutch online store Coolblue has announced that it intends to raise 150m by launching an IPO in October. Its shares will be listed on Euronext Amsterdam (EAM).

Coolblue is a Rotterdam-based Dutch company that sells electronics online. They have a few physical stores, but their main business is selling whatever piece of electronics that you can imagine. Most of their sales are via their webshop and in July 2020 they expanded their business to Germany :de:


So, I was wondering who’s exciting about Coolblue’s IPO? Do you think that it might be an interesting stock to have in your portfolio?

Therefore the big question is….

Are you planning on buying some Coolblue stocks? :thinking:

  • Yes :star_struck:
  • No :no_entry_sign:
  • I don’t know yet :man_shrugging:t4:

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Let me know in the comments :brown_heart:

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Will it be available on BUX?


I don’t know if this is worth a buy, what do you guys think? :thinking:

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I do not think it is, i think for the diehard daytraders the swings might be fun but tbh i expect it to be an overrated appearance.


I think it will be a very interesting stock. CoolBlue has shown some strong growth these past few years in the Netherlands and Belgium, and they just expanded into Germany as well.
Now that shopping is moving even more and more online, I think CoolBlue will have a massive advantage over all other tech retailers in the Netherlands, which are stuck with massive stores and often have mediocre or just bad webshops.


Het wordt het zoveelste bedrijf dat snel geld wil maken met een beursgang maar uiteindelijk voor de koper niks oplevert.


Guess we have to wait guys :man_shrugging:t4: :sweat_smile:


Kinda called it xD they need to grow towards other countries before they can take the step, in my opinion.


I totally agree with you !

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The company wil never return or turn to the stockmarket again.