Portfolio insights - we need your feedback!

Hello everyone, after the suggestion of some of you, internally we have started to do some experiments that could provide a better insight into the portfolio. Check the mock-up image below and let us know your thoughts!

Here’s the link to leave your feedback: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIRzYXmbbKgEA1aQz5RsVDnJKlQv4wr61Ld_3KCpfXMvXNGA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Please note that we can not promise that this feature will be added to the App, but we think it’s a great idea and we are exploring some possibilities. Thank you all in advance for your input!


No rights to access the form for me.

That being said, it looks good actually, especially the proper dividend insights at the bottom which are sorely missing.
The asset allocation is a nice thing to have but surely if you buy stocks you know the sectors they are in and you are aware of roughly how much of your portfolio they are.

Expand the dividend information and please include a dividend calender for YOUR stocks in the same detail as the asset allocation above it, in the same screen.

Your personal dividend calendar (with pay dates and net dividend amounts) should be part of your portfolio view in the first place to be honest, not hidden away somewhere.


Awesome @JPeters, great feedback. Thanks a lot!
I should have fixed the access to the form, would you mind trying again? :pray:t2:

Works now, I’ll fill in my answer above there as well.

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Hi @elissa !!

If you post something here on the forum you could also share it in the BUX Telegram Channel. This way we can generate more interaction. Thank you very much for your commitment!


Hi @Brinkie, that’s great. Thank you for the input! I will have a look as soon as possible. :muscle:t2:

Looks good. I agree with JPeters too.

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This is the overview BUX is currently lacking! Please add the MVP asap…