How many shares do you have in your portfolio? How much would you like to max?


Currently 19 companies. Will go up to max 26, spread out over 5 categories: energy & commodities, consumer goods, tourism, defense & aerospace, and miscellaneous.

Edit: can’t share much more than that I’m afraid :wink:


I have 10-12 ETFs in which I try to invest evenly when prices dip. These are divided mainly by continent/region and some specific sectors like tech, telecom, healthcare.

I am currently looking into buying some individual stocks to swing trade or to hold for dividends. Haven’t decided yet if and how much percentage of my funds I’ll put into these.


+/- 3500 shares. 13 companies. (Technology and Travel) (Long-term)
Next up: crypto currency.


I have about 20

Mainly ETF’s but also some other stocks. Technolegy and healthcare right now. But i am a student who started 3 months ago. Ask me again in a year :stuck_out_tongue:


In my portfolio I’ve got:
34 stocks, 5 of which are growth stocks and the rest is all dividend paying stocks that pay either monthly or quarterly.

6 ETF’s of which 2 High Yield bonds, 2 Emerging Markets and 2 Real Estate.

I’m a predominantly dividend investor seeking recurring monthly income but I do have some growth stocks to supplement the already present capital gains.
I focus on quality dividend payers that don’t pay insane dividend yields but rather that have a long history of uninterrupted dividends going back decades as well as a good payout ratio. I pick these stocks up when their price drops through no fault of their own.

Mostly invested in the US/Canada (since paying dividend is much more normal there) but also own stocks directly on the HK stock exchange.

Pretty much all sectors apart from tech and tourism: Utilities, Financials, Energy, Healthcare, REIT, commodities and defence.

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