Post corona rebound of crash

Het einde van de pandemie is in zicht maar, hoe ziet de economie eruit na corona. ?

Sommige geloven in een rebound van de economie. Andere geloven weer dat de economie helemaal niet in een keer terug schiet, en zien veel aandelen als overgewaardeerd. Ligt er een crash op de loer? Of juist mooie koerswinsten?

Persoonlijk zie ik kansen in de consumentenindustrie en toerisme, maar ook gevaren in staalreuzen en oliegiganten.

Maar ik ben vooral benieuwd naar jullie kijk en inzichten op de toekomst van de economie. Waar liggen kansen? Waar schuilen gevaren?

*Geen advies, enkel gekwaak van een kikker


I will react in English,

I don’t think there will be a huge rebound or anything, how i want to call it : some markets will catch up.

Since corona some markets have skyrocketed, even when we can’t really be free we love spending and bending.

One of the most important things in economy is the customers and consumers and after all this time in lockdown, we can expect them to go all out with things they have been missing. Tourism, restaurants but also the culture factors with museums.

Possibly even sports since we might be able to outside in groups, sail, cycle and what not.


I think the market will do it’s own work, customers will help finance it and for stockinvesters it will be an interesting time to scout and look around.

Will some companies and markets lose money? I would not be suprised, but that’s the risk of the market we need to know about.


I would imagine airline stocks could go up once the crisis is over. And some of these stocks are on sale at the moment.
Same goes for themeparks. It’s a bit of a gamble.

Too bad De Efteling isn’t available, it would have been a Dutch memestock for sure.


My gut feeling: next 1-3 years will be a rollercoaster, because some industries will bounce and retrace, while others have allready seen their rebounds and so on. I personally am more ‘worried’ about the +3 years, feels like a big market crash could/should/might happen… But this is all nothing more then guessing of course :slight_smile:


When will this happen? Cause we are in the same situation as we where then. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well Cornel, maybe now? COVID is on its way back and sentiment this morning seems a bit down after ECB and Germany and Austria government press conferences. The euro has already lost more than 1 % to the US dollar.: Only upside to that is my US stocks are already up a percent even before US markets are open. :laughing:


Gaat mij meer om dat corona gerelateerde, haha


I don’t think the end of Corona ends in a crash…. Why would it. Companies can enroll their business for 100% now. The black swan in this case is the ECB. If they will raise the interest. (Hawkish policy) it will be devastating for the weak south European countries and they will reduce R&D and cut in governmental expenditures. So the economy will slow down and that can lead to a crash. The same applies aswel for the fed. But I think America can cope better with it



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